Daniel Pelavin: Ace of Diamonds

Daniel Pelavin: Ace of Diamonds

Daniel_Pelavin_ace_diamondsWMDaniel Pelavin grew up in Detroit Michigan and began his career in local art studios. From his earliest work, produced with templates, french curves and drafting tools, to a present day virtuosity in digital media, Pelavin has used a restrained and simplified vocabulary of geometric forms, rich, flat colors and typography inspired by a wide range of 20th century ephemera.

His mastery at combining stylistic elements from various historical periods while maintaining an unwavering focus on clarity has resulted in a body of work that is timeless and enduring. He has received recognition for illustration, typographic design and a singular ability to seamlessly combine the two. He began his journey into digital media at its onset and continues to play a pioneering role.

Pelavin earned his BA in advertising and MFA in graphic design, but credits high school industrial arts classes and studio apprenticeship as his most valuable source of training and inspiration.

52 Ways to Love a Vet interested me in bringing attention to veterans who frequently become marginalized upon returning from the hell to which their government sends them.

The service flag, a banner with red border, white field and a blue star is displayed in the window of a home with a family member in the service. It has a several of meanings for me, beginning with the courage of the vets themselves, and sacrifice of their loved ones. More importantly, however, it should remind us of the corporate greed that fosters these conflicts in the pursuit profit and particularly, the returning veterans themselves who too frequently become invisible to the very people for whom they fought.